liberal arts degree

Worthless college degree in liberal arts?

I have seen people say, “what liberal arts teach is the value of everything and the price of nothing.” I never agreed with his assessment and still believe an undergraduate degree in the humanities is more important nowadays than before. The de facto argument The main argument for a liberal arts education is that it […]


Easy ways to study anatomy

As an anatomy and physiology student, you need to learn a tome of information about the human body in short time. One of the most daunting portions of A&P is memorizing and diagramming all 206 bones in a human body. After completing this task, I do have a few study techniques that will help you […]



YouTube is very popular nowadays and you may have seen video logs there, prompting you to ask, “what is vlogging?” Vlogs, which are blogs in a video format usually part of a web series, have taken off like text blogs did a decade ago. The process of creating a vlog is vlogging. A video blog […]